Facebook Messenger Finally Unveils Message Replies

Facebook Messenger Finally Unveils Message Replies fb messenger 1

This year the most popular app, Facebook Messenger, has decided to adopt a different user-based approach in order to restore some of its lost reputation over the continuous allegations of illegal information collection; the blue messenger is also presenting the users with a whole bundle of messaging and interface features that are both very demanded by the fan base, and are going to enhance the user’s daily experience.

Recently, FB Messenger released the “Dark Mode” which is designed to fit perfectly with nighttime shifts and is also going to be help in reducing the consumption of the battery life. In the last few weeks, the viral messenger unveiled one more feature that has been expected since too long; the Facebook messaging platform is now sporting message threads for users all over the world. Facebook stated that users now will be able to use message replies to respond to specific text and content with various types of messages – texts, emojis or other.

The message replies feature is currently available for the one billion users of Facebook Messenger. This new update in the messaging sessions has been awaited for pretty long time since the notorious WhatsApp, which belongs to the Facebook company, has already been equipped with the message replies feature since quite some time. The new feature is pretty easy to use; once the user presses long enough on the specified message, he’ll have to press “Reply” afterwards in order to choose the from of the replying content – he can reply in texts, videos, gifs, emojis, or pictures. The new feature fortunately won’t be messing with the entire messaging session; the original message and the reply will be visible in their right places and chronological order for both the sender and receiver.

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The message replies feature isn’t the first nor only one released by Facebook in the attempt to enhance its popular messenger; last year, the blue messaging app presented the users with the most anticipated “Unsend” feature that allows the user to erase any message from singular or group chats – if the content sent is inappropriate or mistaken for instance. The user has up to ten minutes to decide whether or not to unsend the message in hand! The debutant message replies will be beneficial to help send the right response to the right message without disturbing the entire chat.

The Facebook company is beginning to stress that the future of Facebook Messenger is going to be all about privacy and online data protection after millions of users demanded Facebook to give up on the double standards regarding its overall privacy and security status provided for users. However, it can’t be denied that releasing a couple of new and renovated messaging features will indeed help enhance the reputation of Facebook and its messengers – and also help to promote its futuristic privacy-focused plans.

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