Facebook Messenger Group Calls for up to 50 Participants

facebook messenger group calls

Have you ever dreamed about speaking to up to 50 people at the same time? Probably no, but this is not dreaming anymore as Facebook messenger developed possibility to make such a group call. This opportunity came into force recently and have become one of the most popular features on the Facebook messenger. If you want to start with a group call, you will simply have to click on the phone screen and begin. There are no any complications as Messenger wanted to make it really attractable for users. However, Messenger hasn’t developed the video group calling yet, which could be a big disadvantage for the provider, as all the other rivals-  Skype or Viber offer the chance for it.

The option of group calling is available for up to 50 participants, but Facebook makes the unofficial announcement about increasing the number of users. The app is useful for all the people having many friends as well as for the business partners participating in huge transactions. Moreover, you can reach the group calls on Android or iOS phones or simply by using VoIP. Of course, if you have the newest Messenger installed on the personal device, this option will automatically be able in 24 hours from introducing in the system.

Messenger Chief official, David Marcus, looked at the opportunity positively and expect it to grow further. Moreover, he called users to sample the app and give feedback about the result. As for option itself, we can compare it with classic Messenger call with one of your friends. By the way, the app will show the name of the group, the members included as well as who is on the call at the certain moment. Of course, there is no obligation to accept the call as you have options to ignore or decline it.

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Someone would say that Facebook Messenger was not so innovative with this project, as the rivals came to the same idea first. We can only mention the platform WeChat, which introduced group calls previously and  made it available for up to 200 participants. However, Facebook wanted to stay competitive with its own development of the similar app version with some modifications.

The projects as this one have a really positive influence on the customers as they are impatient for the changes. The technology develops every second and new options are regularly presented worldwide.


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