Facebook Messenger Promises to Amp Up the Privacy Measures



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Facebook Messenger Promises to Amp Up the Privacy Measures

It has been no secret that the Facebook messenger is suffering from serious privacy issues that have infuriated millions of its users, especially after many experts proved that the popular messaging app is indeed collecting private information about the users

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Facebook Messenger Tips and Tricks

facebook messenger tips and tricks

Facebook Messenger is a popular messaging app, not only because Facebook requires mobile users to install it before sending Facebook messages, but also because it’s easy to use. To make it even easier, here are a few tricks for Facebook

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ALLO is the New Better Mobile Messaging App from Google

allo messenger app

For some time now, we can notice that Facebook messenger has been the most popular mobile chat app. Most of the users prefer this app because Facebook offers it as a general chance and easy reaching means for communication. Becuase

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Facebook Messenger Group Calls for up to 50 Participants

facebook messenger group calls

Have you ever dreamed about speaking to up to 50 people at the same time? Probably no, but this is not dreaming anymore as Facebook messenger developed possibility to make such a group call. This opportunity came into force recently

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