Threema Messenger App launched Threema Gateway

Threema Gateway

Threema Messaging app belonging to a German company has of recent launched its API messaging to various organizations and companies. The company confirms that Threema application turned out to be an instant hotcake when Facebook acquired WhatsApp and went to for the secure messenger app for personal reasons. Until this present day, Threema messenger is one of the most downloaded paid apps in Germany app stores. Threema Gateway brings encrypted messages to organizations and companies.

Threema Messaging App Gateway was Launched to Bring Encrypted Messaging API to Developers

At the moment, Threema Gateway offers protected instant messaging and the matching level of assurance to the corporate world. It gives organizations and companies the opportunity of sending, decrypting and receiving messages to and from mobile devices straightforwardly from their own applications by making use of Open Source software offered by Threema.

Threema Gateway

The company in a press release portrayed the latest Threema Gateway as extremely easy to incorporate, adaptable and provides the highest possible security through end-to-end encryption, depending on the trustworthy NaCl cryptography library. With PHP, Python and Java, you can incorporate Threema messaging app backend into your own software environment. Threema becomes the first crypto messenger offering an end-to-end encryption API.

Threema Gateway is useful in many situations including:

  • Protected news channel for internal company communications
  • Protected password exchange
  • Forwarding of encrypted emails
  • Private consumer communications
  • One-time OTP, mTAN passwords
  • Alarms for urgent situation services, technical and IT installations
  • Encrypt the messages directly on your server

A number of some other contributions of the Threema Gateway to bring encrypted messaging API to developers are:

  • Dependable delivery receipts
  • Users can verify the encryption in Threema. This is possible because you encrypt the messages right on your server by making use of open source software
  • Customized sender IDs guarantee brand identification  Paradigm ID
  • In as much there is functioning Internet connection, you can receive Threema messages without network coverage
  • There is source and SDK code available in Python, PHP and Java
  • Asymmetric cryptography makes sure that no more than the anticipated recipient can read your messages
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Threema messaging app is now available for iPhone, Android, and Windows phone. Sign up free without any recurring fees.

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