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Instagram is a free application that allows its users to process and share photos on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter … via the Android and IOS platform. This app was created and launched in October 2010. Its creator is Kevin Systrom, Mike Krieger. In April 2012, Facebook bought Instagram for about $ 1 billion.

Already in February 2013, Instagram was very popular with more than 100 million active users.Instagram is generally for photo-editing and photo-editing, but it was later introduced to post videos on the same service for 15 seconds. These photos and videos can posted by users later on other social networks. 2012 is first mentioned as a social network.

Free Accounts

The user is able to connect with other users who have an instagram account and to follow their posts, it is also possible for users to insert their personal information in their profile and to select the published photos.

Instagram allows users to do some editing before they  published to make them more beautiful and interesting, these are the so-called filters through which a photo is drag, , some of them are Amaro, Hudson, Hefe, Sierra, etc.

All of these posted photos can only be seen by the people following you and may also be accessible to anyone who has an instagram account, depending on the user and their profile and privacy settings.

Instagram Likes

Instagram also allows users to like and comment on photos in addition to tracking their photos. A new version of the Instagram app for Android devices has also been released, which allows you to find the locations of the place where it was made when you publish a photo.

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Instagram has revealed that it is working on a new account removal policy. It now relies on a policy that allows a “certain percentage” of violations within a time period before deciding to ban someone.

However, that will change. With its new policy, Instagram claims, orders will be removed after an unpublished number of violations and an unpublished time period. This measure will be the same for each user.

The company said it did not want to share the exact number of terminations it would start, nor the timeframe within which to do so, Instagram also announced that it will soon allow users to complain about posts that have downloaded, directly from the app.

Instagram Downloads

Download Instagram App

Instagram has progressed very quickly, and the rise has now emerged with  advent of the now-famous “hashtags”. They serve to make it easier for users to find photos by topic of interest. Instagram is irreplaceable because it is never boring, it constantly provides new options and features that are first  useful.

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