The Efficacy of the Instagram Formula of Posts and Timing



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The Efficacy of the Instagram Formula of Posts and Timing

The Efficacy of the Instagram Formula of Posts and Timing instagram timing 1

After the recent news that the viral picture-based app Instagram is negotiating the implementation of the rumoured upcoming feature of tapping on the preferred posts instead of scrolling, some newer news reported that the alleged Instagram myth of posting a

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Instagram adds a brand new twist: Boomerang and Superzoom

instagram stories Boomerang Superzoom

Since the release of Instagram stories, it has attracted a huge number of users who want to give it a shot. The new feature of Instagram that debuted back in 2016 has provided to be a fierce competitor to other

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Screenshot alert for Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories screenshot alert

In the beginning of last month, February, Instagram started testing a new feature that is most likely to be very popular among its users, especially those who are always curious about who-viewed-my-profile kind of things. The new feature Instagram began

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Instagram Stories surpasses Snapchat

Instagram Snapchat app

Instagram Stories has taken the lead just one year after its launch as compared to Snapchat in the world of visual communication. Recently Instagram business stories have gone viral. It has also amplified the average use of the app. That

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More ads within Instagram Stories: Good or Bad?

instagram stories ads

March was a big month for Instagram and its users. The app received numerous new updates within the month, all of which are being praised by its loyal users. These updates aren’t your average updates- they’re high tech and complex,

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What makes Snapchat Stories Better than Instagram Stories

snapchat stories instagram stories

Both Instagram and Snapchat have huge fan following, and several thousand users around the world. It is difficult to tell which platform is better at first glance. Instagram released ‘Stories’ feature which has an interface almost similar to Snapchat. Infact

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What is your favourite Operating System: iOS or Android?

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