Samsung about to Close Down Milk Music?

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In the mobile gadgets world, things appear to move very fast. This proves it incredibly difficult to build something that can last. The news that were trailing the other day all over the tech-blogs about Meerkat will prove this right. This is as the one year old service, Meerkat, acknowledges its failings and thereby plans for a dramatic reinvention, while hoping to stay in business.

Just like Meerkat, services with mobile industry giants behind them are still susceptible to this pressure. This can be evident from a company like Samsung that pulled the plug on Milk Video last fall. The service was just one year old at that particular juncture.  Such a move has hurt the media plans by Samsung, although the company has got some other Milk Offerings, such as the Milk Music – that is still in business.

Recently, rumors had it that Samsung could be thinking about making a move to buy Tidal. This is in the hopes of making Milk Music somewhat flashier. In other news, there are report claims which are contrary to this rumor. The report claims that the act of acquiring Tidal might be an act of replacement rather than merger. The claim still suggest that the acquisition of Tidal will still go through. The word has it that Samsung is just about to shuttle the Milk Music service feature.

Lately, Samsung has not done much to keep Milk Music in the public eye. The company has failed to put strong promotions on the service alongside its recent product announcements. Therefore, it is pretty easy to find out how the rumor gained a lot of impetus. This has also been backed up with claims from internal sources that the company has been actively laying off its workforce who are related to the Milk Music service. It also made the claims that the service never found the paid, among them being the premium user base in which it was aspiring to get. It is all too easy to believe the story of the demise of the Milk Music service.

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Then what, if no more Milk Music? Just as we had mentioned earlier, Samsung is still in the process of acquiring Tidal. Although, it is not yet clear whether the company is still willing to pay the amount that will be required for the acquisition. There are some possibility that Samsung will partner with a company that will offer them with a new streaming music offering. Although, despite the way it goes, it might not be long before we hear the ‘demise’ of Milk Music.

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