India Finds Truecaller more Popular than Facebook

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Truecaller, from True Software Scandinavia AB, recently took over the spot as the app that is the fourth most downloaded in India. Last year, it was ranked at a lowly spot at 11th, but this year it not only jumped seven spaces, but also has overtaken Facebook for the Android. The only thing ahead of Truecaller now is WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and ShareIt Apps.

India is home to more than 350 million internet users who downloaded more than six billion apps in 2016. When mixed with the surge in popularity of the smart phone, it is easy to see why apps such as Truecaller are seeing such an influx, especially for the Android phones.

Truecaller only just arrived in India as recently as 2013, but its popularity has made it a worldwide phenomenon already. With more than 250 million users around the world, 60% of those users are in India.

Truecaller’s humble beginnings were as a call block and dialer app that slowly became more and more popular. Using this app, callers were more easily identified and could be blocked simply by pressing a button.

Today, however, this app does so much more than simply block an unwanted communication. Since it has been so popular in India, expansion opportunities exist in abundance. Their most recent messenger, Truecaller 8, has features that include group messages, MMS capabilities and more.

Their ambition does not stop here though. Recently, TruePay as been launched, and will give users the opportunity to conduct money matters directly through the messaging app. The huge potential that is available here, especially since TruePay is strictly for use in India.

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As with most messaging platforms and social media bases, TrueCaller utilizes its user base for programmed advertising. More than 100 million per-day impressions are currently being made, as well as 100,000 clicks per day. With number like these, advertisers are all anxious to get their information onto the platform. Some of these advertisers include Gionee India as well as Vodafone, and 70% of TrueCaller’s advertisers are repeat customers.

TrueCaller’s Vice President, Tejinder Gill, said, “Our biggest strength is the engagement and undivided attention we can provide to advertisers.”

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All eyes are currently on this app, to see if that momentum can be kept up with. While it is a lofty goal indeed, they wonder if it might be possible to even dethrone the mighty WhatsApp someday.

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