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The TrueCaller app permits the user to search for all listed phone numbers published in 25 countries including United States, Italy, India and Canada. It also helps indentifying callers and blocking unwanted calls. TrueCaller app also offers a simple blocking method that permits only specific calls that are important to the user to get through. It gets more features that will make your phone smarter. However, to make your phonebook public or searchable, TrueCaller apps NEVER uploads it. Also, due to technical restrictions, iPhone does not support Live Caller ID.

TrueCaller for Smartphone

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Not Available TrueCaller for Fire Phone
Not Available TrueCaller for Firefox OS
Not Available TrueCaller for Nokia Asha

TrueCaller for Desktop

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TrueCaller for Tablet

TrueCaller for Android Tablet
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Not Available for Kindle Fire HD HDX
Not Available for Firefox OS Tablet

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