Twitter Wants to make it easier to Tweet Content from Apps

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Twitter has been integrated into other apps with the purpose of making it easier to share more content from these apps. This integration of Twitter into other apps will help your followers to track whatever it is that you achieved, for example, if you hit a high score in a game this will be seen by your followers.

To achieve this, the company revealed, at the Twitter Flight conference, two new features for app developers which are said to make it easy for sharing content from apps to Twitter. One of the features is a new Twitter composer that will allow people to preview how the tweet will look like after they share from an app to the Twitter. Besides app, developers can attach an “Install” button to any tweet that is shared.

Unfortunately, you should expect crowding of ‘my feed’ on your Twitter by your ‘Twitter friends’ daily activities counts. However, do not worry about this as Twitter says the developments are particularly targeted at mobile gaming companies who want to use Twitter as a platform to make their apps known to potential users.

Twitter users know very well that it has allowed the sharing of deep links from apps for some time. However, some of the users have been hesitant to click a tweet button within an app because they want to make sure that they have control over what that tweet says. In their perception, Twitter hopes this preview function will encourage its users to share more of what they have with them.

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The task of having to post a web page with markup to initiate an install action is relieved. At the moment, developers will find it easy to drive installations of apps.

The possibility of a rise in the number of apps using Twitter to advertise Install buttons will be high if more developers adopt this and see the final results. As it can be noted dating back to 2014, a major focus of Twitter is to have app ads with an installation button.

Apparently one may see these developments as small; however, it can be seen that Twitter is sticking to its core mission of helping its users to discover more content. The company hopes that its users can discover more content through features like this. More content can be shared if apps integrated with Twitter are used by its users.

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