Download and Install Viber App on Android Tablet for Free!

Viber App Android Tablet

Viber is a foremost VoIP service provider offering its exceptional free calling rates within its network across the globe. Once Viber app is downloaded from the Internet stores, it doesn’t need subscription. Genuine Viber application can be obtained from the Google Play Store by Android device users.

What you need to Install Viber Messenger App

In order to support and install Viber application, your tablet must have an Android operating system running. Furthermore, you must log in with your Gmail account. You can sign up for one for FREE if you don’t have one, and it takes less time.

Internet connectivity is another requirement to get Viber application installed. Hence, make sure that you have a Wi-Fi connection or either 3G or 4G network working.

Download Viber here.

Once you download the Viber application, use the command keys to install it. However, note that Viber can only run on an operating system at a time and it will need your phone number to register you to its server. On the other hand, you don’t have to pass through prolonged prerequisites of giving your email address to authenticate your account details.

Tablet users will not likely have storage problems while installing Viber because they usually have enough memory space in their gadgets. Viber version 4.0 and other versions need almost 500 MB of RAM to smoothly run all its features on your tablet. The that needs just 29 MB to run is another version of Viber application. This can also be used in tablets and Smartphones with limited storage capacities.

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Viber app already optimized various versions for different tablets models and makes. All you need to do is to choose the one that suits your uses to obtain the best performance.

Running Viber Application on Your Android Tablet

It is always a smooth sail for you to use Viber on the tablet, if you have used it on your PC or Smartphone. By synchronizing your whole phonebook automatically to flawlessly access your contact anytime you need them, Viber application enables you to be in touch with other Viber users all over the world.

Once you commence a discussion with other users, your Viber profile will receive real-time updates. Connecting your tablet with mobile phone network like 2G, 3G or 4G is all you need to keep going, provided that it is available. In the alternative, for faster connectivity, you can link up Viber with Wi-Fi.

There are no free calls to users outside Viber network. Therefore, the network will disconnect the call and provide a link to connect the call to your mobile service provider, if you try to call them. This will definitely cost more than the free Viber calls. For you to enjoy free voice and video calls, you need to have a wide Viber contact list.

The ViberOut feature that allows users to make calls to other users outside the Viber network was launched by Viber. These calls will attract nominal charges, normally in form of credits that are available from the official website of Viber, unlike making calls within the network, which is free.

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