Line Messenger App and the new Gift-Goods Shop



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Line Messenger App and the new Gift-Goods Shop

line messenger gift shop

Back in February this year, the Japanese chatting app, Line Messenger, dipped its toes into the world of commerce when it rolled out a grocery service in Thai. Currently, the company has extended it with a gift shop (new) for products that

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Download and Install Viber App on Android Tablet for Free!

Viber App Android Tablet

Viber is a foremost VoIP service provider offering its exceptional free calling rates within its network across the globe. Once Viber app is downloaded from the Internet stores, it doesn’t need subscription. Genuine Viber application can be obtained from the

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Send Cash Through Facebook Messenger

send money facebook messenger

When Facebook Messenger was launched first launched in 2011 as an app on itself, Facebook was not that serious about it. As a matter of fact we could say they were testing the waters. However in 2014 they decided to

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