Comparing the Most Popular VOIP Smartphone Apps



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Comparing the Most Popular VOIP Smartphone Apps

voip phone

Today, we would be doing a comparison between the most popular VOIP smartphone apps: Skype, Viber, Kakao Talk, Tango, and Line. This is so that you can get an idea of the data usage in calls and also the standby

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Communication and Virtual Reality in 2016

communication virtual reality

Recent report by Goldman Sachs, an investment bank, made the predictions that in 10 years’ time Virtual Reality Hardware would be an $80 billion dollar industry. It makes the assumption that adoption will be slow in comparison to those of

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Download and Install Viber App on Android Tablet for Free!

Viber App Android Tablet

Viber is a foremost VoIP service provider offering its exceptional free calling rates within its network across the globe. Once Viber app is downloaded from the Internet stores, it doesn’t need subscription. Genuine Viber application can be obtained from the

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Comparison Skype vs Tango vs Viber Apps

skype viber tango comparison

Today in the modern age of technology, due to the expensive call rates around the world VoIP (Voice Over IP) technology is now very popular , the rise of too much internet use. VoIP is easily affordable a very inexpensive

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Skype Setup & Features

skype setup

Skype is well known source for VoIP (Voice Over IP) , You can make unlimited free calls through it (Skype to Skype). Skype was released in August 2003. It was created by Janus Fris in Denmark. Later in 2011 it

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