Get IMO Messenger and Enjoy its Variety of Features

Get IMO Messenger and Enjoy its Variety of Features

IMO Messenger is a free calling and messaging app that offers an assortment of features for Android, iPad, iPhone and web users. The app gives the exclusive ability to link several IM and chat services into a single platform. The IMO Messenger app comes with added features like voice calling, file sharing, voice IMs, private chats, group chats and optional push notifications.

IMO Messenger app can run on numerous devices at the same time to allow conversations to continue and conversation histories to be seen regardless of the device. This application was initially launched as a web-only instant messaging service. However, it was later extended to Android and iPhone operating systems and then to iPad and BlackBerry.

The extravagance voice component of the app was first included to Android Smartphones, followed by iPhone and then iPad and Android tablets. There is also IMO Messenger video calling in the beta version.

You can download IMO Messenger app for your favorite smartphone, tablet or even PC device, from its official site or follow this link: IMO messenger

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