Facebook and the Empathy Button, How could Work ?

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For many years, Facebook users have demanded the integration of the Dislike button on the network. Many users have found themselves as victims by liking inappropriate pages, comments, and sites. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made it clear on a public questioning forum that his company is working on a method that will show empathy for victims of tragedies and other inappropriate features on Facebook. News have spread concerning the certainty of the dislike button, but since nobody know what Facebook is currently building on, let’s no hold our breaths for a dislike button.

According to Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook), his company is much concerned with the demands of people to have the dislike button. The company is building on the button, and they are very close to launching a test of the button. However, it’s not necessarily a dislike button because it’s not within their intents to make Facebook a forum where people vote ii and out people’s posts. In doing so, Facebook could be going against its memorandum.

Indeed, there exists a gap in the Facebook feedback mechanism. People are looking for a way to express empathy rather than down voting other people's posts. Every moment is not a good moment, you may need to posts something current or past that touch you, it may not feel comfortable to like such a post but people are looking for a way to express their understanding and relationship to your post. This creates some sense rather than if a dislike button is created. Dislike button will bring total confusion because, if someone post about victims of natural disaster and then another person dislike it, there is confusion on whether the person did not like the tragedy or the victims. Therefore, a relative button may be right to develop, say a sorry button because it conveys empathy to any post.

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To implement the developments, Facebook might give the option to replace the Like button with an empathy button. The empathy button will be universal and gives a sober impression. An empathy button will substitute the algorithm as to when a post isn’t likable, but still important for people to see. It does not sound goo when you share a moment important to you in a day and then someone down votes it using the sensitive button. People need to be human and understanding. In as much as Facebook will roll out the button but in a different name there will be a broad basis to do so, to deliver something that meets the desires of people at large.

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