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MeetMe messenger app is for all backgrounds, nationalities and all ages. There are over 90 million people on MeetMe chatting, making friends and hanging out. It is quite easy to share videos and photos taken instantly by the camera or from your gallery and chat with friends on MeetMe messenger app. Furthermore, you can record and share your location on MeetMe.

It was announced by MeetMe social media company not quite long that MeetMe app has actually attained its highest US rankings in the last year Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

The MeetMe Android ranked 13th in the Google Play Store Social category as of November 12, 2014 and the MeetMe iPhone app was ranked 26th in the category of the App Store Social Networking. This improvement was said to be associated with organic growth stemming from their new mobile design.

In the United Kingdom, MeetMe was ranked 18th, 16th in India, 22nd in Turkey and Italy. In the Google Play Store, MeetMe ranks in the top 100 Social applications in 45 countries and in 90 countries in the Apple App Store. MeetMe social app has also performed excellently well in other countries.

MeetMe messaging app is available in 12 languages, while the developers of MeetMe are encouraged by their recent international traction in user growth. MeetMe is looking forward to continuing to expand as the pre-eminent mobile chat app for connecting people in the US and across the world.

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