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Many developers hate mobile websites because the sites lack a push notification. The notification is useful in re-engaging people to native apps. The Facebook app was not different but still had the same problem. The application could see thousands of users online on its website, but it was hard to pull them back in an app.

However, today there is some good news to Facebook users. This is after a deep collaboration between Facebook and Google. Facebook users will now have the option to receive push notifications through Chrome. The rolling out of the push via Chrome will guarantee Facebook a high traffic. This will call all users to turn on the notification function.

With push notifications, there will be a greater level of re-engagement to people who rarely use Facebook on the site. Therefore, the service will ensure they get the best content without necessarily going to the site. They will, therefore, communicate efficiently with friends who they share events and tag photos. If the discoveries were not made, mobile web users would never realize that there is anything significant trending on Facebook. Thanks to the Google for the support.

Social networking addicts may not be concerned about the data rates, and they may opt for the high-performing Facebook app for natives. However, the mobile site is very popular in the emerging markets. The main advantage of the Facebook site is that it’s economical in terms of data. It’s also convenient to use because it does not require regular updates like the native app. This technology by Google is anticipated to extend to other standard browsers like Opera, Firefox, and Uc browser.

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The main challenge associated with this tech is the duplication of notifications. The joining of mobile sites like Facebook lite and opera to Facebook exposes the users to threats of duplicated alerts they had already come across. This phenomenon could get the users annoyed and, therefore, a way to control the problem ought to be developed. Many companies are actively finding ways to limit duplication of the alerts to their clients.

They are focusing on how to detect someone preferred interface and ensuring only close or related alerts are sent there. If the push notification technology is done well, it could help the mobile web to compete well with the native apps. Currently not every business requires a full-scale native app since they can get re-engagement opportunities of natives with the ease of construction that the mobile web provides.

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