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Most of the widely known emailing applications bring in some kind of great innovations: inbox has got its intelligent bundles and cards, Mailbox had snoozes, and Sparrow had its incredible simplicity. Such popularity came by changing the way we used to work with these emails. Therefore, it will be very easy to overlook the new Airmail for iOS. Airmail has got no any standout feature, although it has got something that users can never get from all the other email apps – ability to customize how you use the app.

Airmail App is Brazenly Customizable

Just like Airmail for OS X that has stood out among the best Mac email clients over the past years, Airmail for iOS has got an irresistible number of preferences. This email app will allow you to do almost everything that you would wish to do with email. It has got third part integrations, filters, snoozes, and much more. Moreover, it has got some options that you wouldn’t have even though, like altering the Gmail folder mapping to bouncing emails and setting a notification sound for each and every inbox notifications. There is plenty of options inside Airmail compared to any other mobile email app.

The extensive list of options in Airmail is among the things that I presume most of the developers would be embarrassed to consider shipping. Typically, an application designer is required to know almost everything. Designers carefully decide what options are needed, what options are not needed, how the interface will look, and where each and every button will go among other factors. Therefore, in most cases, the use of too many options might lead to cluttering the app making it unusable and confusing. Although, for Airmail, things are different as you will be able to customize the app so as to suit what you desire. This is a whole lot of fun.

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Most of the features and options in Airmail can easily change so as to suit what you prefer. You can easily disable and enable how the actions appear when sharing and starring, change what will happen when swiping an email, or even consider reordering multiple central menus. For example, if you don’t like the fact that Airmail will pull up the filtering options automatically wherever you consider scrolling, you can consider disabling the feature by turning it off.

Get the Best Options That Suit Your Desires

When it comes to emailing almost everyone has got a very different approach. The developers of Airmail seemed to have chosen to throw in everything, maybe because they weren’t decided on a single course. Although Giovanni Simonicca and Leonardo Chiantini, co-developers of Airmail, said that everything in Airmail came as a result of design. The app is now available in the Apple Play Store for $4.99. It currently works for the Apple Watch and iPhone.

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