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The various community-led projects within the Kodi software have made the service available on select tablets and smartphones. Those who have Android smartphones can now download the software from the Google Play Store. This is a great relief for Android users because some days ago, you needed a side-load to be able to use Kodi on Android based devices. Apple iPhone and iPad users can also download and install the Kodi software but they will first have to jailbreak their device in order to use this software.

Which are the most compatible devices to run Kodi?

To use the Kodi software on your device, here are some of the most cost effective and feature rich options available – Amazon Fire TV, NIVIDIA Shield, Razer Forge TV, Gem Box, Matricom G-Box Q2, WeTek Core, and Raspberry Pi 3. You can check online to find the best prices available for these devices.

What makes Amazon’s Fire TV Stick a recommended option?

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is easy to use and offers good value for money. It also provides solid and consistent stream of videos. It is one of the most recommended options for using Kodi at home as you can easily connect it with your HDTV. It also comes with a remote that helps you choose what you want to watch.

When you purchase Amazon Fire TV online, you will also get a few bonuses along with the Kodi software. You will also get access to Netflix and Amazon’s Video services from where you can download your favorite movies and TV shows.

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Download Kodi and Watch Free Movies and TV Series Online download kodi for pc windows iphone android mac amazon raspberry pi 2

Download Kodi

How can you use the Kodi?

When you click on the videos, you will get two options. You can either watch media files saved on your hard disk or download them before watching. To browse and search for the media files already stored locally in Kodi, you must visit the built-in browser. To make it easy to locate videos saved on the system, it is recommended that you place them all in one folder and then add the folder as source.

The process of adding video source is same as adding the music source. If you wish to stream the content that is hosted on the web, just click on the Video Add-Ons and then select ‘Get More…’ option.

When you are listening to music, the Kodi software will give you a set of controls that enables you to navigate through the content with ease. You can also display it on the background when you are on Kodi’s main screen.


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