Mobile Legends vs League of Legends 5V5 MOBA Games

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Riot Is Now Suing The Mobile Game Company For The Copyright Infringement. It Is Definitely Not Tough To See Why. In case you have played the Mobile Legends game of the Shanghai Moonton Technology then it did not take you very long to feel that there is something not actually right. This looks very similar to the League of Legends. The Riot is going to sue the developer of the cellular games for the copyright infringement. In the Central District Court of California, the lawsuit was filed.

Those games which are being brought into the question include 3 of the mobile games of Moonton. These 3 games include Mobile Legends: Bang bang, Mobile Legends: 5V5 MOBA, and Magic Rush: Heroes. Hence, this is not tough to realize why they are under hard times. This is because it feels like the developer of it copied the League down to tiny as well as unique details.

All this starts with its logo. Both of them have same fonts. They are on the shield backdrops which is only a start. Now, let us take the stroll onto a battlefield in the Mobile Legends. Here, you may see the quite visible similarities between the textures, same color schemes, designs of the terrain, and locations of each objective from the Summoner’s Rift.

The heroes of the Magic Rush are where the things just begin to get dicey. The Emily is only one of the characters of the mobile game. This is quite easy to realize where ideas actually cross paths. That is the reason that she is same as Annie. The logo, the map, and the heroes are basically only a few of the alleged rips of the game from the League.

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Mobile Legends vs League of Legends

The Riot did not only kick the things off with the lawsuit. Rather, the claim of the infringement comes after many tries from the Riot to get in the contact with the Apple’s App Store as well as Google Play store to delete both the Mobile Legends: 5V5 MOBA and Magic Rush. Moonton removed the Mobile Legends: 5V5 MOBA without any notice from both the app stores and later re-loaded the game with a just different name that is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The Riot is sure that Moonton’s made thousands of dollars by copying the League.

This is quite tough to imagine that it can be anything else but copyright infringement. Now, that is just up to the Court to decide about.


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