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Google is a diverse corporation that aims for the best. Despite the company massive suite of applications it still investing heavily in research and development. Since change is a life process, the entity has undergone a series of technological changes that have made it more effective in the way it serves the users of its resources. This is the reason that Google has come up with a new application to improve the users’ experience.

Google has everything that one may need to enjoy the comfort of their devices, for instance, messaging, notes, photo, maps, and office apps among others. Google has come out unique by showing its competitor in the software market that there is much to be innovated or explored. For this fact, Google has introduced a new software idea known as ‘Who’s Down‘. This application was recently exhibited on the Google Play and App Store.

The title given to the app is termed as symbolic because it defines those friends that are available so that you can hang out with them. This app provides a platform where users can ascertain that those people they think they are free to hang out are available. After ascertaining your friends are available, you can start conversing inside the app. Hence, the app provides a social like platform where friends can discuss serious matters or make jokes to pass the time.

Call me maybe?

Although this app is available in the App store, it is primarily not available to the wider public. This aspect raises a question whether Google is aware of the release or what is on their mind. Notably, this application is only available to a larger number of United States of America college students. Google must be holding an assumption that this app will gain recognition like the Facebook app did.

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On this note, Google must be having a very excellent reason as to why they have introduced a new app on the market without an official announcement from the management. The idea behind this marketing approach may not seem reasonable to many the restrictions will help build a fledgling social media network before it is made available to the larger population.

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If Who’s Down app gains the required acceptability and publicity, it will provide an alternative to the social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The app will help the world create a social cohesion because it pokes those friends who feel that they have nobody who cares about them. As its name goes, the app looks like an excellent idea that must be undertaken with eager.

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