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IPhone X users

IPhone X is Apple’s first IPhone to have a new design since 2014. We all remember the first IPhone with a larger display that was released in 2014, which was a much awaited response for every IPhone user that was absolutely sick of the small display area he or she had for so long on their device, and since then Apple seems to have fallen in love with that design so much that it was not enough for the company to use it in IPhone 6 and IPhone 6 plus, but it also used the same design for IPhone 7 and IPhone 8 series too.

With IPhone 8 arrival Apple presented a new design for the device, though. The new, bold design was far more compact than the ones previously introduced to us by Apple since all IPhone X design is almost a screen. Yet and as compact as the design of IPhone X design is, it still is not that practical for specific users who prefer to have a device that does not require more than just the one hand to use.

IPhone 8 Plus is not easy for one-handed users either; otherwise it would have been a suitable alternative for the IPhone X problem that prevents its users from getting anything done with the other hand while using their smart phone.

Since the popularity of large phones is not getting affected by the one-hand usability issue since people prefer to have large display areas above all else, there is a perfectly good solution for that one-handed users issue.

First step of that solution is activating “Reachability” in your IPhone X through your Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Interaction. By activating this feature your IPhone will shift the display of its contents downwards so that you are able to reach this content with one hand. Now, all you need is a double touch on the home button (not press, just a light touch, twice) activates Reachability in all IPhones that has a home button, whereas in IPhone X the user needs to swipe downwards on the home bar which Is located at the bottom of the phone’s screen.

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The second part of the one-handed user of IPhone X problem is a simple hack executed by a web app called “Makeovr”. This app creates empty icons that have no labels which enables it to shift your icons placement to the lower side of the screen.

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