First Nintendo Smartphone Game Launched

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It was in March that Nintendo announced that it was working with DeNA (a mobile developing company) to manufacture its prime mobile game. Now, the Nintendo Smartphone game has been fully launched. With this new development, the company expects to have five Smartphone titles available to its credit by March next year.

On the other hand, it was held by Nintendo that not only would it move its console and hand-held games to a Smartphone platform, but that it would as well tap into the portfolio of famous video game characters and franchises of the company.

One of the analysts of Wall Street was of the belief that Nintendo could conclude making use of the games to support its console line, according to the belief of a Wall Street analyst. However, that doesn’t connote the fact that the company is withdrawing on manufacturing a number of decent sales figures with the innovative titles.

The attention of the company is on unfussy gamers who prefer playing games on their mobile devices. However, Satoru Iwata who is the CEO of the company said previously this year that his expectation is to see people playing Nintendo Smartphone games discover more premium experiences on their committed game systems.

Hiroyasu Eguchi who is an analyst with the Bank of America, Merrill Lynch in his own opinion said that using Smartphone games not to originally earn profits, but to increase awareness of game characters, is one strategy that will work fine in this situation.

At the moment, the mobile gaming market is flooded with a lot of free to download games. The latter games can be downloaded for free, but need some players to make in-app buying of exceptional tools, or powers, compulsory for the user to have any opportunity of success in the game. The CEO of Nintendo is looking ahead to each of its Smartphone games to be a bang, even as the company itself faces hard-hitting competition in this market.

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