Where to Buy Pokémon Go Plus

pokemon go plus

Looking for Pokémon Go Plus? To get a better experience with Pokémon Go, there are ways players can spend just a small amount of money. This is by investing in Pokémon Go Plus, which will be on store shelves at the end of July, but now on sale in almost every store available.

It will certainly be one of the hottest gift items for 2016 Christmas.

What is Pokémon Go Plus is really all about? Will it be worth buying?

Here are 3 basic facts you need to know:

  1. Pokemon Go Plus is a Wearable Device.
  2. You Can Catch Pokémons without Making use of Your Phone.
  3. Pokemon Go Plus Notifies Players when they are near PokeStops.

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Here are some stores you could buy Pokemon Go Plus:

The release date was announced as July 31, 2016.

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