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The privacy plays a very important role in the mobile world where millions of users are active on a daily basis. The rise of the users follows the increase of privacy issues, possibly dangering for users‘ online security. The need for protection has become a number one topic among the mobile providers and most of them have already found the right solutions.

The common term for security problems includes encryption system. This system functions in a specific way by allowing users to share messages, and preventing the third parties to intercept them.

Facebook messenger has become the last provider who added the same possibility of an end to end encryption. After Whatsapp protected its customers, the second most famous provider followed the step to protect more than 900 million users. The option on the messenger is still on the test as users have not protection in 100% cases. This is the bad thing for Facebook messenger following the other providers and their ideas.

Namely, Whatsapp as a widely popular messaging app introduced an end to end encryption by default. In that way, the provider makes sure that billion of users and conversation they have are fully secured from the third parties. The situation as this make users ask why such a difference?

The obvious answer would be the way in which Whatsapp functions. This app has the system created for only one device, while Facebook operates on a few devices both from web and mobile gadgets. In addition, we are able to reach Facebook from two different sites as Facebook.com and Messenger.com. Because of this, encryption on the Facebook messenger is harder to install than on Whats app.

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The assistant professor at Johns Hopkins University Matthew Green said that Facebook has a big challenge to introduce encryption on the web basis. The process of protecting facebook web conversation could not pass without issues, so the provider doesn’t want to change the way of using it. Facebook already has a lot of users on the web, although the provider doesn‘t meet security questions.

In addition, Whatsapp enables full encryption by routing through users mobile phones and asking them to scan particular codes for the web version. Facebook doesn’t have the plan to follow the same practice. At last, we can only wait for Facebook to make up with a new idea for a complete end to end encryption.

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