WhatsApp Encryption Policies Under Scrutiny in Brazil



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WhatsApp Encryption Policies Under Scrutiny in Brazil

whatsapp brazil

The co-founder for WhatsApp is Brian Acton and he is currently in Brazil. The purpose of the trip is to avoid any possible interruption in service and Brazil’s Supreme Court goes into talks to discuss the privacy of communications allowed

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Are Secure Messaging Apps Really Secure?

secure messaging apps

Messaging app developers pride themselves on creating fun and secure apps that are easy to use. Certin apps are known to be more secure than others, an vice versa- but are the most secure messaging apps really as secure as

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Download KakaoTalk Messenger and the New Opt-In Encryption Privacy

kakaotalk secret chat encryptation

Daum Kakao, the new entity behind the messaging app Kakao Talk, has released a brand new end-to-end encrypted feature on the app after the scandal related to the user data in few months. The company is working on bringing in

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Facebook Messenger Encryption Vs Whatsapp Encryption

facebook whatsapp privacy

The privacy plays a very important role in the mobile world where millions of users are active on a daily basis. The rise of the users follows the increase of privacy issues, possibly dangering for users‘ online security. The need

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