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Chatting online has reached a different height altogether with various free chat messengers offering more than you would ever expect! We hear about new IM apps launching every now and then. Some manage to gather a great fan following due to fresh approach and exciting features while others fizzle out from market without even getting noticed.

Today we will review an amazing new chatting app called KeeChat. This is an online messenger app which allows you to converse with users from around the world from anywhere, anytime. There are no restrictions at all and this is what makes this messenger truly amazing.

You just need to look for other users who are online using KeeChat and you can start your conversation right away and chat as long as you want, without any disturbances. An interesting feature of the messenger is that you don’t need to know the phone number of the person you want to chat with, nor will you be asked to spell their username. Thus using the IM app for chatting is easier than you think.

Exciting features of Chat Messenger

  • You can use a cool username in any language you wish
  • It is developed by one of the top developers on Android platform
  • The KeeChat username can be used on Instagram, Craigslist, Forums, and eBay without having to provide your phone number
  • It allows you to send super quick text messages, videos, pictures and voice messages
  • You get delivery confirmation when your message reaches the destination
  • It allows you to add special effects to pictures
  • Be creative and add art work to your images
  • The app supports group chat
  • It is fast, simple and absolutely free to use
  • Your privacy is maintained while you chat with others
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Download KeeChat IM app

Download Keechat

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