Download KeeChat Messenger

Download KeeChat Messenger


To start using the KeeChat messenger, you simply need to create an online account using your phone number. You may also provide your Google or Facebook profile to create an online account and start chatting with the other users.

Downsides of KeeChat IM app:

KeeChat comes with its own share of downsides. Although it is super quick and easy to use, the one major drawback is that it allows easy access for other people to communicate with you. It may get problematic. However, if you are a little careful it can be an interesting new way to communicate with new people and get to know them while maintaining your privacy.

KeeChat for Smartphone

Download KeeChat for Android
Download KeeChat for iPhone iOS
KeeChat for Windows Phone
KeeChat for Fire Phone
KeeChat for BlackBerry

Not Available BBM for Firefox OS
Not Available BBM for Nokia Asha

KeeChat for Tablet

Download KeeChat for Android Tablet
Download KeeChat for iPAD
KeeChat for Kindle Fire HD
KeeChat for BlackBerry Tablet
Download KeeChat for Windows Phone Tablet

Not Available for Firefox OS Tablet
Not Available for Kindle Fire Tablet

KeeChat for Desktop

Not available for PC
Not available for Windows
Not available for Windows 8
Not available for Mac OS
Not available for Linux

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