SPARK is the new faster iPhone & Mac App to use to send your Emails


As more and more messaging apps are developed, texting is taking over the mode of communication through our phones sidelining other forms such as emails. Emails were once used to send attachment but nowadays you can scan an attachment, save it as an image and send it as a multimedia message. This means that the use of email is decreasing by the minute.

However a company called Readdle Inc. have come up with a way to save the situation. They have released an application called Spark. Currently it is only compatible with iOS devices and Apple watch. According to Readdle Inc. the app will make emailing easier and more appealing to users.

To revive emailing Spark has borrowed some of its qualities from other messaging applications. The application has an impeccable design. Once you receive an email, Spark automatically categorizes it. The email can be a personal one, a newsletter or a notification. Personal emails are placed first for you to read. When you receive an important email, Spark sends you a notification. This feature can be referred to as smart as the app is able to detect the differences in the emails you receive and it decides whether it is important before it sends you the notification. This application also allows its users to pin their important emails and place them at the top of the inbox. One quality the app has borrowed from other messaging apps is that you can like an email same as you do to multimedia texts or comments. You can also send a smiley face to reply to an email the same way you do in some messaging app.

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Using Spark you can save an email as a PDF. If you receive an invitation to an event through an email you can use the app to mark the date of the event on your calendar and set a reminder. If you have an Apple Watch then using the app you can view your emails and you can send back a quick reply. The app also has some unique features. Some of these features include: you can delete mass emails, you can also choose which signature to use and finally the app allows you to add widgets to your email. The other feature are the standard ones that you find in almost all emailing apps such as sending attachments.

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Technically this application will not stop people from texting but it has done some remarkable changes to the emailing world. It is definitely a good app to have on your iPhone. It is my hope that soon we will have an Android version but that will depend on how people respond to the app.

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