Blackberry KEYone is finally vailable for sale which was announced in MWC 2017

blackberry keyone smartphone

In February, Blackberry revealed a phone in MWC 2017 which is now available for sale in London. It is available at the Exclusive department store Selfridges with the distribution at UK, US, and Europe. The handset comes with aluminum frame 4.5 inches HD display, fingerprint sensor on the keyboard spacebar and again a big battery in BlackBerry. But Is this Smartphone help BlackBerry to gain a name again in the market?

Maybe everyone has a memory of BlackBerry oldest handset with a basic display, poor web serving, and uneven shape. But that time, those specs were premium specs because BlackBerry usable QWERTY keyboard is the best move by Blackberry at that time.

But Blackberry has to keep up with the world which is now changed, especially in the mobile market. Blackberry thinks that those customers will buy them who are conscious about security but actually Security conscious customers are choosing iPhone instead of BlackBerry.

This Blackberry KeyOne come with the latest Android OS (Nougat 7.1) and the display of this Blackberry smartphone is more than those smartphones which have keyboard. The Chinese multinational company, TCL Communications built this phone. Global head of device portfolio, Gareth Hurn said that this phone is for professional consumers who are looking for something different. This phone keeps users safe and secure. Hurn described it the most secure Android phone in the world.

The battery of this Blackberry KEYone has a backup of 26 hours and in 30 minutes it charges 50 percent.

The reason Blackberry calling it an innovation because the keyboard of this Smartphone works as a Touchpad also. Some of the features of keyboard – you can scroll through web pages by swiping left and right on the space bar, if one of the three suggested words is your needed word then flick it upward and you will see that word on screen, you can custom all the 26 keys of keyboard to perform a function. For example, short press on W take you to the WhatsApp app.

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There are quite interesting features in KEYone but in our opinio, Blackberry is behaving like a fool by taking customers back in time.

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