Save Data with the Facebook Messenger Lite App

Save Data With The Facebook Messenger Lite App

In today’s article, we are going to be taking a look at Facebook Messenger Lite. Facebook has released its lightweight messenger app because we all know that the old messenger app is really a heavy app and it is really sluggish in the old devices, and it also consumes a lot of RAM. So according to the memory and RAM consuming, it’s very lightweight – and there is no doubt about that – but let us look at the functionality of Messenger Lite app.

It has a very simple user interface, but there are some things to point out since it’s a lightweight app. So you have to consider some features like for an example, on the chatting interface there is no emojis panel. Although this problem is very easy to fix if you have a keyboard that supports emojis then you can simply send the emojis using that.

Another thing which is really pathetic is that there is no sticker support. The sticker is one of the most interesting features of Facebook Messenger, and this is not available in this app. I don’t know why they didn’t do this. I agree this app is meant to be light, but still, they could have included stickers. So I am missing the sticker features in this app a lot. Another thing to point out that is that you can’t see those voice recording options or perhaps zip files and other messenger extensions. You can’t use them on this app and I simply agree with that because it’s a lightweight app and we don’t actually need them a lot of chatting. But the voice message feature was a really important one.

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Another thing to point out that is that there is no custom chatting options like in the messenger app you could change the chat colors and even set some nicknames, but in the Messenger Lite app, you can’t simply do that.

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