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Facebook Messenger Lite is out to compete the Original Messenger. Subtracting the things you genuinely need out of the entire distracted stuff of Facebook Messenger gives out a newly developed Angelic app “Messenger Lite”. It’s a dilemma with every single messenger user that FB Messenger app is flooded with a huge amount of unnecessary items that aren’t linked to the messaging service in any way.

It is fully stacked with a bundle of options like Contacts, Home, Games, Camera and Bots tabs, a Compose option, a Profile icon. And it does not even end here, even the chat also have the option to sort by Messages, Groups, Active and Calls. The Camera has borrowed the entire Snapchat to filter the pictures and edit them. And not only that, there is a huge list of options on clicking the plus option for images, voice dictation, for GIFs, emojis and stickers. Hence this entire stuff not only use huge amount of Mobile Data but also waste a huge amount of time by getting stuck in this crowd of activities.

Facebook Messenger Lite

Now to deal this entire mess the Facebook Messenger Lite happened to come out and help the poor users to deal with it. As unlike Messenger App, the messenger Lite just has three simple tabs: Home, which has your chats threads, Contacts and Setting to see message requests, to switch accounts, to adjust your notification settings and to report if there is any issue. There isn’t any stack of useless distracting tabs that are completely irrelevant to messaging, which is I guess the vital role of any social messenger.

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Though for those people who are stuck and addicted to the mini-games of the messenger app would be having no charm for the Messenger Lite as it does not have such kind of crisps in it. It is a straightforward app that can be used just to send messages and get connected to the people around the globe.

Facebook Messenger Lite also has a credit that it not only saves your time but also saves your phone memory and mobile battery. It occupies 10MB space which is approximately 10 times lesser than the Facebook Messenger app. Though there is a bad news for IOS users that Messenger Lite is only available on Android play store. There is no update about that when the IOS version of Messenger Lite will be introduced.

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