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Tips for Using Threema Messenger to Send GIFs and PDFs Files to other Threema Users Safely. Threema application is specifically designed for Windows phone, Android and iPhone and it focuses mainly on security. Threema Messaging app was launched on the Windows Phone platform at the end of last year while a latest update for Android increased the total number of features of the app. A related update for iOS was just released recently.

With this new update, Threema for iOS  users can now send PDFs, GIFs and many more file types to other Threema users safely. Threema encrypts all your interactions uninterrupted; such as files, group chats, messages and even status messages.

With Threema messenger, you are guaranteed that only the anticipated beneficiary can read your chats, and no one else.

Threema Messaging App is Feature-rich and Versatile

App makes safe communications fun and easy. You can send voice mesasages, videos, QR codes,  photos, polls and any type of file such as ZIP, DOC, MP3, GIF, PDF and lots more.

Surefire Privacy

Threema messaging is premeditated to create as diminutive data on servers as possible. Contact lists and  group memberships are managed only on your device, messages are instantly deleted after they have been delivered. In actual fact, this puts a stop to the collection of meta data.

Exceptional Poll Feature

The incorporated poll characteristic in Threema messaging app makes decisions trouble-free. In just a few simple steps, you can easily poll your friends on anything and get instantaneous results.

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Trusted Contacts

You can confirm your contacts by simply comparing key fingerprints or scanning their QR code. This ensures that you are actually talking to the anticipated person and not a middleman.

Full Inscrutability

Each Threema user gets a random Threema ID for the purpose of iden tification. To use Threema messaging app doesn’t require email address or phone number. You an use Threma completely anonymous with this unique feature.

Open Message API

With the Threema Gateway, you can decrypt, receive, send, and encrypt messages directly in your own apps. The Message API of Threema supports uninterrupted encryption directly from the source of the recipient. This software is available freely with an open source license.

You can safely send a file format to other Threema users, such as PDF files, Office documents, music files or animated GIF images with a maximum file size of 20MB.

In addition, the latest version 2.4 for iOS supports group chats with up to 30 members and also includes a number of bug fixes and loads of improvements, even though Threema did not expatiate on what precisely was improved, or which bugs were fixed. It is still great to see the general performance of the application continue to improve.

You can download the new and improved Threema messaging app for iOS from the iTunes App Store.

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  1. Threema has long been my favorite messenger. I am convincing all my friends and colleagues to move away from data-collecting monsters like WhatsApp. In modern message, security has to be the top priority.

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