Telegram Messenger flaws made accounts vulnerable to hackers

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If you are the user of Telegram via a web browser, you surely want to shut down your account there and start it again for keeping hackers away from taking negative advantage of your account. A team of researchers from the cybersecurity company Check Point shows that the web browser version of a famous message encrypted apps has so many flaws that can invite hackers to access and misuse the accounts of users.

This shows that hackers can easily download your pictures and upload anything from your account online, send messages to your friends, lead to ransom, and even use the advantage of your friend’s account. The research revealed bitter facts at a very delicate moment when the message encrypted apps are already facing a lot and have got such flaws which have out user accounts vulnerable to hacking. The apps have rattled the face of communication services as the messages travel from one end to other, but are not accessible for the receiver as well as for sender.

Thus, even though two claims have been put recently that the message encrypted apps like Telegram are susceptible and are massively criticized by the cyber security companies, the majority of the users got alerted after this. Check Point further told that it got access to the telegram user accounts by sending a photo comprising the malicious stuff. If the user gets any malicious content (while using the Telegram’s browser service) and clicks to open that file, his or her account becomes available for the sender.

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The telegram hack can be little more complex. As the research showed that if a video file is sent to the targeted victim, which contains the malicious content. To make the attack successful, the user would require to log into his account, click on the play button of video and as it opens in a separate browser tab, the user falls prey to the hacker.

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The messaging apps have somehow cleared the problem, especially which are browser based. The hacking was possible only when the encrypted message apps like Telegram would encrypt the files and then send them without checking the presence of malicious content on them. That’s why telegram is said to be blind for such content, making it unable to look out for the malicious stuff and this has affected its users drastically. The company’s staff is highly blamed for this carelessness and act of irresponsibility.

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