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One of the top news of today’s tech market is that Nokia 3310 has been returned or will make it path back very soon. This iconic set had made its appearance when HMD, a Finnish firm which got rights to the Nokia company, uncovers the latest edition of the device.

Regardless of the amazing features which latest smartphones such as the remarkable 4G internet connections, delicate touch systems and touchscreens and infinite variety of apps; Nokia 3310 still got deep affiliation with its users.

Nokia made the deals of 100 million at the cost of about £50; the new edition could well feature as a prevalent second phone. Here are few reasons were given:

Never-ending battery life

If you have good luck, smartphones of modern era last longer, but Nokia 3310 can work for more than a week in few conditions. The four black strands present on the top right corner of the screen represent the amount of battery life, this is the simplest method of telling when your phone will die instead of panicking over the percentages of phone battery’s life.

Durable texture

If you own a mobile with shattered screen or busted key button, you may have desired for a long time, when your old Nokia 3310 phone could drop from the roof of a three-story building. The plastic covering and simple click button of 3310 can be easily replaced. They have a tough texture which shows that Nokia 3310 has a strong endurance towards the falls. In actual, most of the metal plated or glass screen phones have very low quality inside as compared to this tough phone.

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Phone call quality

Nokia 3310 was not just a phone, which offered the best quality of making calls. This is not any easy job, as Apple found out this thing in 2010 when the quality of Antennagate call system of iPhone 4 fell even being the brand new phone set.

Nokia 3310 Video

Nokia Style

The Nokia 3310 was introduced in the period of candy bar phone technology when Keanu Reeves made his slide for his 8110 in the Matrix which as coolest thing of the 90s. The thickset, sturdy, and phone without the external antenna have made its place with great prestige back then.

Even during 80s mobiles were considered as one of the cool accessories and presented that you own a business or belong to some corporate field. Although it became a fashion to use mobiles by 2000s, 3310 still remained the best for a long time.

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