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Telegram Messenger flaws made accounts vulnerable to hackers

Telegram Messenger

If you are the user of Telegram via a web browser, you surely want to shut down your account there and start it again for keeping hackers away from taking negative advantage of your account. A team of researchers from

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Intel Security links up with McAfee

intel Security McAfee

McAfee has started its operation as a standalone firm. It is the company which was built with the objective of delivering the collaborative strength; the new McAfee services will expand the security solutions to enable the customers to recognize the

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International investors dignified to flock towards Kakao from Naver

naver kakao

The international investors are being flocked towards Kakao Corporation, South Korea’s top messaging app, on the brighter prospect of the online banking after the heat created as K Bank started the service of country’s first online bank leaving Kakao bank

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Dowload Twitter Lite version and cut data consumption to Half

twitter lite app

Twitter launches new ‘lite’ version that could cut data consumption to half on for mobiles. He extensive modifications in the way people use the Twitter could analyze the bulk of data used by the social media platforms. The company is

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Hike beats WhatsApp by launching the messenger app payments throughout India

Hike payment WhatsApp

The highly focused mobile service of India, hike got fund from the Tencent in 2016, and presently it took a big step of emulating the Chinese company’ WeChat app, along with the release of online mobile payments. The release of

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How Facebook Can Defeat VK Chat App in Russian Hands Down Revealed!

Facebook vk chat

VK Chat App formerly referred to as VKontakle provides users with features like those on Facebook and it is one of the largest social networks in Russia with more than 100 million users. Depending on the data, VK is one

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Huawei Honor 6X Review

huawei honor

The thing which is cheap always remains cheap. However, it should include the wastage of money. The Huawei Honor 6X can be considered cheap, but sometimes the cheap get out, but it is worthy to be sold at the price

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iPhone X and Face ID Unlock


After the huge publicity it got for its “miraculous face ID unlock” feature, iPhone X, the latest child of Apple, was quite the embarrassment in the special event Apple had last week. During the demo conducted by Craig Federighi on

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Why ICQ Chat Room IS Next Big Place To Pass Time After A Tiring Day!

ICQ chat room

ICQ is a worldwide web chat room. The Web Chat Room offers you with free video calls and chats. With this website you can stay in touch with your loved ones and friends. Ever thought of a free website where

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