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I phone lovers are hopping up and down in joy nowadays as the brand new version of iPhone has been launched in the market. Apple has introduced iPhone 6 with newer softwares and better looks. On the very first look, you will get a quick glimpse of how this iPhone is different from its previous versions. With a better screen, faster processor and cutting edges, this one can certainly rock the gadget market.

The iPhone6

The iPhone6 has round edges in contrast to the previous versions and is also thinner in size. This phone is bigger than the previous I phones and has a 4.7 inch screen.

iPhone5 and 5s had 4 inch screens. So you can imagine and feel an increase in the size of the phone but it will fit in your jeans pocket with considerable effort of course. The phone is close to competing with Samsung and LG phones in size and is a little smaller than the latest Samsung Galaxy S5.

The best part of the phone is the upgraded software. It comes equipped with iOS 8 operating system which has some of the best features of Android and user-friendly also. One of the best features of the phone is its amazing camera. Both the cameras, the rear and front-facing, have new sensors for delivering enhanced autofocus, better face-detection and high-resolution pictures and videos.

The high-definition video captured by the phone is mind-blowing, and the traditional slow-motion capture feature has been enhanced to higher quality. Cinematic Video stabilization helps to take videos while moving by stabilising them and stitching the gaps together. Due to the bigger and better quality screen, all videos and photos look even more grand and impressive.

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The battery life of the phone is high as it can go up to two days without charging. Call quality is also excellent. The best feature is no doubt the new and improved Apple operating system with its advanced features which will compel the Apple lovers to die for. iOS 8, with its improvements, creates the magic and make it work entirely. The cloud drive lets you add and share documents like in the case of Google drive.iphone6 features 2

The phone’s rounded edges are more likely to slip from the hands, and its enormous size can make the users somewhat worried. Apple could have taken some tips from Samsung on how to use the big screen for more useful purposes like in many bigger phones; multiple screens can be viewed using a finger similar to a desktop computer. Apple does not include this feature and many like these in this phone. But overall, the phone is a great attempt by Apple and will be thoroughly liked by the Apple fans and those who love to play with technology.

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