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Pros And Cons Of The Omlet Chat App. When comparing the performance of this chat with other operating systems, it can be found that it performs best with the iOS platform. Hence, the app can be used with iPhone and iPad. Although this is a great chat app, we find it a bit lacking on the video calling front. If the sources are to be believed then you can soon expect to get the video calling feature added.


  • Store Omlet Chat app dates on a preferred and selected cloud system.
  • The app can be used on iPod Touch, iPad,and any other iOS devices
  • Share and update status with friends on Omlet chat app
  • The social networking system on this app is pretty good
  • Use the app to text chat with friends
  • Omlet Arcade allows you to meet other people
  • The app is available for Android platform
  • Use the app features to create your own stickers
  • App allows you to share your locations so that your friends know where you are
  • Post your pictures online while chatting with friends or share your profile pictures
  • You can create your own picture gallery using this chat app
  • Use app to add phone contacts and social network contacts
  • The app supports several languages


  • It lacks video calling feature
  • If you want to meet local people then this app is not suitable
  • Login errors might be a spoil sport

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The Omlet Chat app is an amazing chat application however on closer review we found that it lacks some important features that could be otherwise found in other messengers. Those who like Omlet chat are hopeful that there will be more updates in the future to equip the app with the features required. Overall, the interface of the app is quite promising hence the updates are eagerly awaited.

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