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google hands free

For those who have been waiting and perhaps getting tired, here comes some good news for you. You’ll now make all your payments easily. It will be a total breeze! Finally, Google has come up with what can be termed as the best app in case one wants to pay for any transaction done with any organization.

Google Hands-Free

Hands-Free is the name of this new pilot program announced by Google. One advantage attributable to this app is that there is no need for anyone to worry about carrying their wallets or having cash to pay. The Hands-Free beta is separate from the Android Pay although it is limited to the South Bay in San Francisco.

To enjoy the services of this app just install and set up the app. Three services are needed for the completion of the whole process of installation and the setup. These are Bluetooth low energy, Wi-Fi, and the location services. Hands-Free will use Bluetooth low energy, location services, and Wi-Fi by detecting whether you are near a participating store.

Whenever one wants to pay all that is needed is to notify the cashier that you are going to pay for this app through “I’ll pay with Google.” After notifying the cashier, he/she will request for your initials which are very vital to the completion of the whole process of having full control of the app on your device. In addition, the picture that you add to your Hands-Free profile during installation will be needed to confirm your identity.

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Hands-Free partners

Hands-Free is at the moment reaching out to a small number of partners including Papa John’s and McDonald’s as claimed by Google. This is a good sign symbolizing that in the near future this app will spread to other prospective users worldwide. On the other hand, it can be noted that some stores have started to implement what can be termed as their own dedicated cameras to be used in confirming your identity. A $5 off is there for those customers who beta test the Hands-Free.

Presently, the favored group is the South Bay residents. They should not take this just for granted. This opportunity can be seized and start testing this app. It is indeed easy because all that is needed is to have a Google play store app on your phone. Consequently, search for Hands-Free and install on your phone. The chances of this app gaining popularity in the near future are indeed high.

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