Telegram Secrets Chats 3.0 updated

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Secrets Chats 3.0 incorporates both self-destruct timers and end-to-end encryption which is a great way to pass sensitive information. Other updates: PrivacySupergroupsSharing extensionAttachment Menu and Telegram Hotkeys.

The best features with the secret chats 3.0 includes:

  • Detailed link previews
  • Replies
  • Photo and video captions
  • Detailed link previews
  • Sticker sharing
  • Inline bots
  • GIFs

Telegram Privacy: The option of deciding on whom to add to your groups and channels with granular precision has been enhanced unlike earlier where active friends started adding you to random groups or channels.

Telegram Supergroups: These have now the control in that they can change or add new members to their groups, all the existing members, or only selected admins. Supergroups support up to 1000 members while a balance between order and chaos is emphasized for one to grow.

Telegram Sharing extension: iOS devices can now be shared in the most comfortable way. Consequently, you can share any video, photo, audio, document or location to any Telegram chat or channel direct from default IOS apps such as Contacts, Voice Memos, Maps

Telegram Attachment Menu: This enables media files to be zoomed in an attractive manner. The difference that has been created is that the ‘Image Search’ has been moved to the ‘Photo or Video’ section.

Telegram Hotkeys: Hotkey support is available for iPad users with external keyboards. Navigating chats and sending messages has been made easy in that one does not need to touch the iPad’s screen to do this.  This means time is saved for other purposes. Additional photo editing tools have been integrated into the Android corner. It is anticipated that more features to a Telegram Messenger are on the way.

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