How to Fix Sony Xperia Z5 Problems

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The Xperia Z5 by Sony can be termed as a well-rounded smartphone device with solid battery life and top-notch camera. Although, just like any other device, Sony Xperia Z5 has got its few flaws. In case you have got the gadget and it happens that it develops some faults, consider reading out this manual that will help you in solving the most common problems.

Sony Xperia Z5 Won’t Turn On

You might try to turn on the Xperia Z5 gadget but instead get just a blank screen that isn’t turning on. Such a problem can be annoying. The main solution, as advised by Sony is trying to force shutdown the device. it can be achieved by opening the cover for the memory card slot and nano-SIM card, and proceed by using a pen or such kind of an object to press the OFF button and hold for some few seconds. The device will vibrate for three times. You can then proceed by releasing the OFF button. You can now turn on your device to see if it is solved.

Sony Xperia Z5 Has a Poor Battery Life

It can be a nightmare when trying to survive with a device that has got a very poor battery life. But there are plenty of reasons to smile because we now have very many apps (third-party) that will assist you. The most popular app is Greenify. The app is free to download and will put your apps in a state of hibernation, thus reducing the strain that it’s putting on your battery. For the app to work at its best you will need to root your device. Activating STAMINA mode on your device can still work as your best alternative.

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Sony Xperia Z5 Touchscreen Isn’t Working

In most cases, Xperia Z5 touchscreen might be affected by the custom screen protectors. Thus, in case you have got one, it is ideal to remove it as it might be the cause of the problem. The display might also be affected excessive heat. You can manually reset the device by the help of the button that I near the microSD slot. The move is also a bonus as personal data and settings won’t be lost.

Sony Xperia Z5 Phone Calls Sound Bad

During some phone calls, users/owners of Sony Xperia Z5 have noticed a drop in the audio quality. The problem can be sometimes be resolved through the adjustments of the sound enhancement features. Instead of adjusting the audio quality, you can consider restarting the device

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