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The launch of LG G5 smartphone device that had been anticipated for quite a long time took place on 21st this month. Rumors and details about the device has been collected from various sources, while other tech bloggers were just speculating about what the device would have looked like basing from the past LG’s flagship device.

For the LG Company, the last couple of years have been tremendously big. The company has managed to propel itself from trailing behind its Korean sibling-come-rival, Samsung, to becoming a very present and real contender in its own space. Many people were anticipating to find out what the device would have looked like for the current year – LG G5.

Of course, among the common features that were surely expected by many included the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The device was also expected to spot a user-agent profile, something that came out true.

LG G5 Display

Among the amazing features of the LG G5 device is the 5.6 – inch display. This is a True HD IPS display that has got a very flexible touchscreen. Being a 4K display, its resolution comes around 3840 x 2160. Just as it has been rumored, the resolution came as expect. Most flagship devices in 2016 came with 4k display resolutions. This has been virtually the trend for most flagship devices in 2016.


Rumors had it that the device would have appeared with an eye scanner. It came as a very interesting development in the tech industry. Scanners for fingerprints and eye have been in rise, revolving around the biometric sensors. Most mobile devices have got fingerprint scanners. It was believed that, with the eye scanner, LG G5 would have been the most secure smartphone device in the market. Rather than using your fingerprint like the case of Samsung Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6s, you will be using LG G5 eye scanner.

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LG Own Mobile Payment Platform

Back on the 19th of November last year (2015) details had emerged that confirmed the LG Company was planning to unveil its own mobile money payment system. Many tech bloggers and tech analyst expected that this was a long-term plan for the LG Company that would have started to roll-out starting from the flag-ship device of this year. Just as expected, these rumors didn’t go wrong.


LG G5 Design

The overall and material design for the LG G5 has improved in comparison with the previous flag-ship device from the company. The current device is decent, with an impeccable finish.

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