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Samsung Galaxy S Edge PLUS


What is good is having the best phone in the world. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ has come with great features that make it one of the best Smartphones of the moment. Highlighted below are tips and tricks to give your phone an edge with S6 Edge+.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Camera

The camera quick-launch feature of Galaxy S6 Edge+ is one of the things that make it stand out. In less time than you can imagine, the camera can open from an inactive display that will make you lift up the phone to take a shot. 

All you need is to double click on the home button, if you want to quick launch the quick launch camera of S6 Edge+.

Click the settings button or cog wheel in the camera app. Enable Grid Lines in the menu. This superimposes a number of lines on the display to help you compose them better. Think about enabling Review pictures as well. Review pictures feature will reveal to you the image immediately after the photo is taken, for you to decide to keep or delete it right there and then, instead of you snapping 10 bad pictures and going through them later. Ensure that you have all these camera settings enabled.

Finally, click Mode and choose Wide Selfie, when making use of the facing camera.

Favorites / shortcuts           

Screen edge has some breezy uses. To start with, attempt setting up shortcuts to your preferred contacts and apps. Visit Settings > Edge display and click on Apps edge or People edge to do this. This will allow you to swipe in your edge display from the right side of the display to gain access to these items without problems. For quick access however, customize the people and apps on your Edge display.

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The next thing in the process is for you to configure your information stream. To do this, click on Information stream, and head to Manage feeds, from the Edge screen menu. A number of streams are already obtainable but you can click Download feeds option to locate others.

Quick reply

Quick reply is actually a neat feature of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+. You can place your finger on the heart-rate monitor of the S6 for two seconds to cancel a call from someone and send an automated response to the person that called you. The fact that you can select what you want this response to say is one great aspect of this phone.

Click on Edge lighting > Quick reply and edit the field underneath Quick reply messages from the Edge screen settings.

Download booster

Download Booster is another great feature of Samsung S6. This is the feature that speeds up the time it takes to download large files of 30 MB or more by merging LTE and Wi-Fi connections. Go to Settings > additional connection settings > Download booster to permit this. Doing this implies that you could go through your data allowance faster than normal. Enable download booster for faster download speeds.

Audio quality and settings

You should actually check out the audio options, if you use your phone like an MP3 player. However, the experience can be customized in a few interesting ways with the Tube Amp Pro settings and UHO Upscaler SoundAlive+ of Samsung, when you are listening with headphones.

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