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With internet already being flooded with a number of great Instant Messaging apps, it gets a tad confusing for the internet user to decide which the best app is for them. At the same time, it is difficult for the app developer companies as well because sustaining in the market is a tedious task in itself because the competition here in the app market is quite fearsome and cut throat. However, one app that has not only survived the fierce competition but is slowly climbing up the popularity charts is Hike. This popular Instant Messaging app has become quite a hit among youths in a very little time due to its several unique features that makes it different from other Messaging apps.

Hike is a cross platform Instant Messaging app whose target audience is youth but is quite liked by all age groups. It can be used on Windows Phone OS, Blackberry OS, Android and iOS with great ease. When one starts with a Hike Messenger App Review, the first thing that stands out from the rest of the apps is its smooth and user friendly UI which makes it pretty easy for everyone to use. A good thing about its UI is that it is quite similar for all platforms.

Another thing to keep not while giving Hike Review is that it provides free SMS option as well which means you can stay in touch with your friends through free Hike SMS. The SMS gets replenished after every month. You can also use these SMS to invite friends to join Hike; if they join, you get Hike rewards which are usually in Rupees. This feature is quite popular among youth as they can not only use internet to communicate with friends but can also use SMS when not connected to the internet.

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Another great feature of them which certainly gives them an edge over other competitors is that you can not only send texts, audio, video and images, but you can also send PDF and MS Office files as well which is a welcome addition in an instant messaging app. When you read about a Hike App, you are sure to come across about its stickers. Hike stickers are very popular as well so much so that it is often seen that people only send stickers and not a single text and yet they have a great conversation going; all thanks to their awesome stickers.

Hike allows extra security options to their users by providing Hide chats and groups feature; this feature is used to hide your chats for extra security. A quick look at a Hike Review would also tell you that users can set chat themes as per their relationships and moods. There is also a feature of Nudge through which you can Ping your friend; this feature can be availed by double clicking anywhere on the chat.

Being studded with so many refreshing features, Hike Messenger is sure to go places in a few years’ time.

Download Hike Messenger here.

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