You can now Pin Favorite Chats at the top in WhatsApp Messenger


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You can now Pin Favorite Chats at the top in WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger pin top chats

According to reports, WhatsApp Messenger is testing many new features to make its messaging app best. They are trying to make this app fun and convenient which helps users in daily messaging. The latest feature of WhatsApp includes chat conversation

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Why Snap looks more like Twitter than Facebook

snap facebook twitter

The parent firm of Snapchat, Snap has more common features with Twitter than you have ever imagined, as per reports of S&P Global Market Intelligence. The S&P Global Market Intelligence hired its exclusive credit score plan to apply a credit

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Waze App Review

waze download app

Recently caught by the Google, Waze is a mapping and navigation app which offers the real-time information of traffic and road warnings. As it is free to use, accurate, and contains many features, it is considered to be one of

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Give your Android device an Antivirus Boost with 360 Security App

antivirus mobile android

If you have bought a new Android smartphone or tablet, you would be dying to play a new game or try an exciting new app on your device. However, we strongly suggest that you first download a good antivirus that

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Now Facebook Messenger supports Group Payments for all

facebook group payments

Facebook introduces the person to person payments in the Messenger App in the year 2015, but they announced it today to support groups. It works both in group chat and private ones, you can pay either 1 member of the group

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A Motorola Video reveals little bit about Moto C and Moto E4

moto c

Last week, Lenovo (parent company of Moto) released a youtube video of celebrating 44 years of the company. The video is all about the progression of Motorola starting phone to latest phone. In this video, there is a leak about

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Xiaomi flagship phone Mi 6 and Mi 6 plus


Previously Rumors suggested that Xiaomi flagship phone Mi 6 and Mi 6 plus would launch on 11 April. But after a Weibo blog post which confirmed that launch date has delayed. India Today Tech confirmed that successor of Mi 5

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VentureApp wants to Outdo WhatsApp

Venture App business chat

The Boston-based VentureApp is hunting to make business messaging cooler, by simply becoming the operational chat hub for its users’ expert contacts and business wants. To do so, the firm has raised over $4 million in fund-raising headed by Accomplice,

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Twitter has stopped counting @ Replies on Web and Mobile


About a year ago, Twitter declared that it would start getting distant itself from the need that all the tweets could comprise of the 140 characters by no more counting few things like media attachments or @ replies of the

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