iPhone 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max? iPhone 11 with Job’s Shirt

iPhone 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max? iPhone 11 with Job's Shirt iPhone 11 smartphone 1

Caviar Royal Gifts has been manufacturing premium special editions for a while and this time has come up with an idea absolutely remarkable. They have introduced a novel collection of customized iPhones 11 Pros and iPhone 11 Pro Maxes which in addition to providing the high-end Apple technology, add further grace to its design and looks. A total of 99 unique pieces are being offered which will be shipped all across the world. Caviar further provides an easy returns and refunds facility but just you wait for the moment you get your hands on the device, there is no way you will ever return it. But that of course is when you buy it because such antiques do not come light on the price.

The Russian designer Caviar has made a noteworthy addition to the already incredible iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max by customizing it to a level beyond imagination. Special attention seeker is the back which is made entirely out of titanium. The upper three-quarters of the back is of a shiny silver color which surrounds the three-sensor camera set and the legendary Apple icon. On the other hand, the lower quarter can be chose between steel and black again made out of premium titanium.

The lower quarter has some special engravings over it. These skillfully engraved writings include the Apple’s founder and the innovator the century, Steve Job’s signature. Below it is written his full name, Steve Paul Jobs. Right above the fourth quarter and at the bottom of the upper silver part is the traditional iPhone text ‘designed by Apple in California’ and an additional ‘customized by Caviar in Russia’. Further written is the model number out of a total of 99.

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Star of the show is the Apple icon which houses a bit from Steve Job’s black roll neck. Job’s apparels have always been a point of discussion for his fans, specifically when considering his black shirts, he wore more than often. The Apple Icon made out of glass has a square-shaped fabric underneath from Job’s shirt which originally has ‘NeXT’ printed over it. Not to forget, this is the same company Job’s founded when doors of Apple Inc. were shut in his face in 1985 as result of a tug of war between the board and company’s CEO.

These masterpieces encapsulate all the original iPhone 11 features and can be easily purchased online. Varying storage options of 64, 256 and 512 GBs are being offered starting from $6,630 only.

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