Google Play Store Market vs Apple iTunes

google market vs apple itunes

Which of Apple iTunes and Google Play Store is the market leader as there had been continuous struggle between the two giants? The fact is that Apple operates on iOS including iTunes Apple App Store, while Google is based on an Android operating system that includes Google Play Store. From these two stores, users can download books, music, videos, and even movies.

Google Play Store Market

In a likewise manner, the Android market was launched by Google in the year 2008 and it had 2300 applications by 2009, a number increasing to 80000 by the year 2010. In 2012, the Android market got Google Play back as its new name and it was combined with a Google eBookstore and Google Music. Consequently, Google eBookstore gained a very strong position in 2014, leaving Apple iTunes Play Store far behind as far as apps accessible to users are concerned. Since some years ago, Google moved its Market from market://details?goToHome 1 to , so recent android versions, use App Store as default aplication included in its Android Version.

Apple iTunes Play Store

The Apple iTunes Store was launched as far back as 2008 with just 500 applications. However, it was gathered that 100 million downloads have been registered, which expanded the Apple iTunes to 3000. Currently, about 1.4 million iOS apps are now available for the enjoyment and needs of users.

Despite the fact that the Apple iTunes Play Store broke the record in the marketplace at the beginning of 2015, Google Play Store has a new unbeatable record to boast of, as revealed by appFigures.

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The Google Play Store exceeded Apple iTunes Play online store in the number of applications for the first time ever. With more than 1.43 million applications, Google ended 2014, as against the 1.21 million by Apple.

However, in terms of per-capita profitability, Apple iTunes Play Store have the edge, in spite of Google Play scale. These two rivals are said to maintain just about 30 percent of each app deal, leaving the rest 70 percent to developers, who got $10 billion from Apple, according to the company.

It was also calculated that Apple realizes 70 percent more revenue from applications than Google Play does, which is amazing, in view of the fact that Google Play boasts 60 percent more app download than Apple. This may be as a result of Google Play serving an audience with generally less disposable income than Apple iTunes high-priced devices.

As a result of the universal track that Android has on the whole, its revenue generating capability in the app market will end up greater and it is very likely that Google Play will compete with the revenues of Apple iTunes App store by the year 2018. This is in view of the fact that there will be more Google Play devices than iOS devices in the long run.

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