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How many times you couldn’t reach all your friends by only one chat app? One of them was certainly on Whats up, the other one on Facebook and the third maybe on Google talk. Today, the situation as this comes to the end as new app provider, Franz, developed one app where you can include almost every application and gather friends at the same time. What the experience!

This option is available from the March 2016 and has many users by now. The best part of it is a desktop version of Franz including 14 various chat programs. Customers could use this app for instant messages and enjoy some of the following: Skype, VK, Whatsapp, Wechat, Groupme, Telegram, MySMS, Facebook messenger, HIPCHAT, Hangouts and Slack. By opening the FRANK App, you will see offered providers for chatting. It looks like an innovative browser and customers could easily access all they need from the stickers to the latest features.

The new option is a notification about received messages, represented by the red color  in the taskbar. With Franz app, users will be able to see how many messages they received based on different platforms. The possibility such as this is very important for customers, as they certainly want to be informed about the activity on the platforms, rather than the total number of messages on the one of them. Also, it could be important for those having a lot of contacts on the same providers.


As for customers, they expressed a pretty positive opinion on the Franz app. Except some disadvantages on it, such as minimize, maximize and close option, all the features work perfectly. However, the real drawback of Franz app is missing from the call options, and the customers are not able to make video or audio calls. This means that users should use other options for personal communication as the app Franz deals only with the messaging tools. Anyway, the role of the app is important as it indeed saves the time needed and makes you more relaxed. The app is adaptable to each user and we warmly recommend it for a daily communication.

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