Cool IOS 11 features you probably haven’t heard of yet

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The latest IOS Apple has rolled out, IOS 11, has been out there for quite some time now and Apple has been showing off a lot of its new features that would be added to your IPhone, IPod, and IPad once you update to IOS 11, yet all of what has been revealed is considered to be the tip of the ice berg of what IOS 11 has to offer to owners of Apple devices of every type.

There are so much cooler and secret, even, features yet to be discovered. The list could go on and on, but for now we’ll mention a few of these features that include persistent notifications, screen recorder, a dark mode, and new annotation tools. Some of these features were actually a response to Apple users’ requests while others were a gift from Apple to its loyal users.

First of all, there is the hidden option of Dark Mode. True it isn’t quite what Apple users have been asking for, but it still counts as a response to their request since it is the nearest thing to what they have been wanting. The option is called “Smart Invert” and what it does is that it reverses the colors of your IPhone display.

Smart Invert will not reverse media, images, or apps that already have dark styles, though. To try out this style inverted, Dark Mode setting just go to “Display Accommodations” which you will find under settings -> general -> accessibility, you will find “Smart Invert” once you get to the menu, toggle it and that is it.

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Another big item in the control center that is now displayed on one customizable page is the screen recording option. This means that you no longer need any third party apps on your device to record your screen. Once you add the option to your customizable control center, all you need to do is tap the button that will appear in front of you to start recording whatever is happening on the screen of your device. You can also enable your microphone to start recording audio with a long-tap on the same button to have an audio recording added to your video, and it can be turned off the same way.

To have the hands-on experience with these two features and many others all you need to do is install an update to get IOS 11 on your IPhone, IPad, or IPod.

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