Give your Android device an Antivirus Boost with 360 Security App


Give your Android device an Antivirus Boost with 360 Security App


If you have bought a new Android smartphone or tablet, you would be dying to play a new game or try an exciting new app on your device. However, we strongly suggest that you first download a good antivirus that

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Tandem is a Messaging App for Language Learners


Just after getting the Tandem application downloaded, you will find the finer point to use the auxiliary verb “will” in the chat option. It is not easy to proliferate the Spanish past tenses for a native English speaker to handle

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Google splits Hangouts into Chat and Meet


The messaging strategy of Google is quite confusing, however if there is one thing which is cleared after present Cloud Next keynote, then it is the announcement which company made on thinking over the concept of splitting the Hangout in

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Google’s Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger converts the Audio Messages into Emoji


One of the biggest social media company, Google is working on the making of a messaging app, but this time it decided to work in the realm of audio space. At the start of this week, there has been a

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Is Instagram Photo Sharing good for Teenagers?


The Instagram is a website which is well acknowledged by the various celebrities and those whose lifestyles you would like to adopt, but what influence is it leaving on teenagers? The question is raised by a researcher at Belgian University,

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SPARK is the new faster iPhone & Mac App to use to send your Emails


As more and more messaging apps are developed, texting is taking over the mode of communication through our phones sidelining other forms such as emails. Emails were once used to send attachment but nowadays you can scan an attachment, save

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Westpac now allows Customers to Make Payments from within Messaging Apps


Are you a Westpac customer and love spending time using your social messaging apps? Now, you have a reason to rejoice! If you hated quitting your messaging apps to get back to the boring stuff related to personal finances then

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